Eyelid Aesthetics

The human body ages over time and this aging also shows its effect physically. The most important of these indicators is sagging in certain organs. The main reason for the sagging caused by the effect of gravity is the weakening of the functional strength of the muscles in the relevant organ. The eyelid is one of the most striking points of sagging that occurs as a result of aging. For this reason, many people reduce the sagging in this area by having eyelid aesthetics.

What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

The muscles in the eye area gradually weaken with the effect of aging. As a result of this, the muscles become unable to carry the fat accumulated on the eyelid. The most common treatment method for eyelid sagging that occurs is also called eyelid aesthetics.

The eyelid has the thinnest skin structure in our body. Therefore, since it cannot carry much weight, it clearly shows sagging and wrinkles. However, since it is suitable for rapid blood circulation due to its fine structure, the cells are renewed quickly and there is no scar due to any surgical intervention.

With its medical name, blepharoplasty, that is, eyelid aesthetics, is preferred for the removal of tightened, baggy and sagging eyelids. In addition, it has been observed that it gives much better visual results when performed together with forehead stretching and eyebrow lifting operations.

Who Can Have Eyelid Aesthetics?

This operation, which is generally preferred by people over the age of 35, is performed with the advice of a doctor based on some visual symptoms. Some situations that require eyelid aesthetics are:

  • Drooping in the upper eyelid
  • Increase or prominence of crow’s feet lines at the edge of the eye
  • Sagging and wrinkles on the eyelid surface
  • Under-eye bagging and discoloration

Blepharoplasty is an operation performed by people who want to have a more dynamic and lively facial expression apart from these symptoms.

How is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed?

For the first time, the use of drugs such as aspirin and antibiotics should be discontinued approximately 2-3 weeks before undergoing this operation. In addition, smoking tobacco products should be stopped starting from the same date. Medications are risky because they increase the risk of bleeding during plastic surgery, while smoking prolongs the recovery period. There are two different methods of eyelid aesthetics, with and without surgery.

In the surgical method, it starts with local or general anesthesia and the operation takes approximately 1-2 hours. The surgeon opens incisions from the fold line on the upper eyelid to the eyelashes on the lower eyelid and starts the operation. The muscle and connective tissues found here are repaired, excess fat and skin are removed and tightness is provided. After the operation, the incisions are closed so that there is no scar. The patient may remain under observation for a while after the dressing is done.

What is Non-Surgical Eyelid Aesthetics?

A device called Plexr, which works with plasma energy, is used to have eyelid aesthetics without surgery. This device allows the evaporation of the epidermis, the top layer on the skin, without making any incisions. After the epidermis evaporates, the remaining dermis is stretched and a tightened appearance appears.

The machine converts water vapor and nitrogen into plasma energy at high power. This energy is applied to the eyelid area, destroying the problematic tissues on the skin and triggering the formation of new tissue. In this method, stretching and getting rid of excess skin can be achieved in a very short time without feeling any pain.

Things to Consider After Eyelid Aesthetics

The patient should pay attention to some precautions in order to return to their life in the best way after the operation. Things to consider in returning to daily life, which takes an average of 7-10 days, are as follows:

  • It should be waited for 3 days after the operation for reading and watching activities.
  • Sensitivity to sunlight, polluted air, dust and wind may occur for 2-3 weeks after the operation.
  • In case of any uneasiness or anxiety, the doctor should be contacted as soon as possible.

Chin aesthetics, just like eyelid aesthetics, is preferred for solving the problems experienced due to aging.

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