Ear Aesthetics

The ear is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body due to its structure. Due to genetics, some people may have problems with the appearance of the ear. The most common of these problems are related to the auricle, which is the protruding part of the ear. The main task of the auricle is to determine the direction of the sound heard. Ear aesthetics is performed in order to eliminate deformities in the ear and to have a better looking ear. With this operation, the person can have the desired ear appearance.

What is Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

The ear, which is one of the most important parts of the human body due to its function, also directly affects the aesthetic appearance of individuals. It is possible for the ear to have underdevelopment or deformities due to some congenital or acquired conditions. The most common deformity in the ear is the problem known as prominent ear deformity. The prominent ear is seen as larger than the normal anatomical structure of the ear and protruding. Research has proven that the prominent ear disorder is not related to the position of the baby in the mother’s womb or the way the person lies during sleep.

Ear aesthetics, on the other hand, includes operations related to eliminating all deformities in the ear, including prominent ear deformity. As a result of this operation, which is called otoplasty in the medical literature, the person feels better psychologically with the removal of the deformities in their ear.

Who Can Have Ear Aesthetics?

First of all, people of all ages can have ear aesthetics for deformities in their ears. However, due to the nature of all aesthetic operations, prominent ear aesthetics should be performed as soon as possible. Because the human body is the first impression left when meeting a new person. In this regard, especially the facial area has special importance because people look at the face of the other person first. While this is the case, it is a known situation that individuals feel bad psychologically due to deformities in their own bodies. For example, if primary school children are made fun of over their bodies, this may cause children not to be at peace with themselves at an early age. These events can manifest themselves in different ways in later years.

For the above reasons, prominent ear aesthetics can be performed in children who have not reached school age yet, starting from the age of 5 years. It may take up to 6 years for the auricle to complete its development, and for some children up to 10 years of age. Some of the complaints of people who have had ear aesthetics are as follows.

  • Subsequent disorders of the earlobe
  • Ear lobe drooping
  • Tearing in the holes in the earlobe
  • Having irregular protrusions on the ear edges
  • Prominent Ear

How Is Ear Aesthetics Performed?

Prominent ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia in children, and under local anesthesia in young and adult patients. In the operation, which can take approximately 1-2 hours, a small incision is made behind the patient’s ear and the cartilage tissue is reached. The curved part of the cartilage is weakened and lifted back and fixed. In this way, the ear gets rid of the prominent scoop appearance and moved back.

Things to Consider After Ear Aesthetics

The stitches placed behind the ear after the surgery are protected by putting a bandage over them. These bandages can be removed after 1 week and the patient can start taking a shower.

As with any surgical operation, tingling, pain, swelling, edema or redness may occur in the ear area. These complications disappear completely in about 10 days. After the aesthetic, the ear should be carefully protected for 2-3 months and hard impacts should be avoided.

As long as the person feels good between 2 and 7 days, they can return to their daily life. If there are long-lasting complaints after the operation, a doctor should be consulted, and periodic check-ups should not be missed. The success rate of an aesthetic operation is very high in patients who follow all these instructions.

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