Chin Aesthetics

One of the most important parts of the human face is the chin area. The chin is very important both visually and functionally. In activities such as chewing or plucking, all power is taken from the jaw. The upper jaw, which is one of the two parts that make up the jaw, is directly connected to the skull. The mandible, which is another part, is connected to the skull with the jaw joint in the ear area. The chin is also very important in terms of its position on the face and appearance. People often have chin aesthetics operations due to the current appearance of their chin or certain ailments.

What is Chin Aesthetics?

One of the essential elements of a beautiful face is the chin. The chin, which is considered to be the signature of the human face, has been the subject of aesthetic operations due to its structuring appearance on the facial skeleton. Depending on the chin being pointed or small, the face may appear larger than it is. Or, with a round and large chin, the face may appear small when viewed from the outside. For such reasons, chin aesthetics operation can be performed.

Before the chin aesthetic operation, which is called mentoplasty in the medical literature, the appearance of the other limbs on the face is taken as a basis. In other words, chin aesthetics is not an operation involving only the chin. By examining many factors such as the condition of the nose, lips, teeth, and cheeks, a suitable roadmap for jaw operation is created. In this process, it is very important for the patient and the doctor to establish good communication.

In Which Cases Is Chin Aesthetics Operation Performed?

Performed for eliminating deformities in the chin area, chin aesthetics are generally preferred for the following complaints.

  • Having a chin smaller than normal
  • Having a chin bigger than normal
  • Having a small chin tip
  • Having a long and pointed chin
  • Having an asymmetric chin and one side more or less developed
  • Having a chin that is too forward or too far back
  • Insufficient chin height
  • Difficulty in speaking
  • Feeling pain or difficulty while chewing

How is Chin Aesthetics Operation Performed?

There are multiple methods for chin aesthetics. These methods may vary according to the patient’s complaint and the condition of their chin.

  • Cartilage placement
  • Shearing the jaw bones
  • Fat injection: In this method, the fat taken from the patient’s abdomen and waist area is injected into the chin after some sorting process.
  • External substance injection: In this method, external substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid are injected into the chin.
  • Placing chin prostheses such as silicone

Chin aesthetics is completed by choosing one of these methods.

On the other hand, if the surgical intervention to be performed on the chin is the upper jaw surgery, an X-ray of the patient’s jaw is taken and the tooth structure is made suitable for the post-esthetic operation. If mandible surgery is to be performed, a jaw x-ray is taken again, but this time the structure of the teeth is not touched.

After Chin Operation

As a result of the patient’s complaint, the operation begins after the treatment method is decided at the end of the inspections and examinations. While chin aesthetics takes about 2 hours, it is mostly performed under general anesthesia. After the operation is completed, it is beneficial for the patient to stay under observation in the hospital for 1 day for the outcome of the operation.

After the discharge from the hospital, a period of approximately 1.5-2 weeks is needed for the jaw to fully heal. It is not recommended to consume solid food for the first 2-3 days after the surgery. The patient should also protect the chin area from any impact during this period. After the recovery period, the patient can gradually start to use their jaw as before.

The permanence of chin aesthetics may vary depending on the method applied. For example, chin filling has a permanence of 1-2 years. Those who want to have a longer-lasting chin prefer the fat injection method we have explained above.

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